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thursday's child has far to go

magician-in-ordinary to his grace the duke
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created by: morninaftricons
a softer world, accordionists, alan cumming, andraé gonzalo, andrew bird, angsting, anthony rapp, bargaining with demons, beet farming, belle & sebastian, ben gryffindor, ben/gareth, bespectacled boys, billy collins, biology, blaise zabini, bork bork bork, buffy summers, bunburying, carson ellis, cassandra claire, charlie, classic nick shows, conor oberst, daniel handler, daniel vosovic, douglas adams, dragons, dreams, elliott smith, firefly, fishoftime, flannery culp, fucked-up fairytales, garden toads, george o'malley, goldensnidget, gormenghast, gregory maguire, handwriting, harry/draco, inferiority complexes, irish accents, jens lekman, john irving, john morello, johnny weir, l'esprit d'escalier, lisa hannigan, livejournal, luna lovegood, mark cohen, mary russell holmes, maya, miles the cat, millicent bulstrode, my brother, naomi shihab nye, neutral milk hotel, norah labiner, nut_shell, patrick wolf, penguins, public libraries, rachel anton, rave, reading, regina spektor, remus lupin, roald dahl, robert ferrars, rufus wainwright, ryan ross, sharon creech, simon and garfunkel, skoosiepants, sleepy hollow, snidgety, storge space, stuart murdoch, sufjan stevens, terpsikor belladonna, the decemberists, the dread pirate roberts, the dresden dolls, the tams, the very scary almanac, the winchester brothers, tim burton, tom riddle, unibrows, unrequited love, vegetarianism, vincent price, violinists, weekly world news, whinging, william goldman, willow rosenberg, words, your mum